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Curated network, an intuitive app, a team of experts, and more—see what's possible with the all-in-one platform for dropshipping for modern brands, creators & retailers.

Sell on-brand products

Easily stock a complete marketplace and create category influence. Drive a new revenue stream and repeat purchases with a permanent collection of products that live alongside your own. 

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Mark the moment

Respond to moments that matter to your customers with a lower-lift collections. With a mini collection, you can compliment your native products perfectly without investing in a permanent marketplace. 

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Power a collab

Take one step out of a co-branded product by leaving the fulfillment to your partner. Focus on the creative behind the collab, while ensuring your customers have an experience as clean as your own.

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Sell the perfect combo

Sell everything your customers need at once with a bundle of 3rd party products alongside your native ones. Drive AOV and complete your customer’s experience, without every ordering inventory.

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Sell products anywhere

Empower your customers to check out anywhere, like on your blog. Easily add a Canal-powered buy button to sell 3rd party products anywhere online. 

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Create bigger baskets

Boost AOV and grow sales when customer motivation is the highest. Suggest complementary 3rd party products right in the cart experience and make it easy for them to add to cart. 

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Great brands that drive growth

Premium products your customers will love—without the need to pre-purchase inventory.
Conversion rate during week of drop
Boost in AOV for orders with Canal products
Customer repeat purchase rate
Orders placed during 2-week campaign
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Who is Canal for?


Partner with brands your customers will love to boost AOV, improve retention, and drive buzz.

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Create unique shopping experiences for your followers, earn higher commissions, and own your customer data.

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Enterprise retailers

Modernize your marketplace or dropship program with a secure, easy-to-use platform and network of brands.

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Case STudy
Fellow Built a $1M Marketplace on Canal
Thanks to Canal, our customers don’t need to leave our website to buy everything they need for their coffee bars. It’s a seamless way for us to offer quality products from brands we trust.
Maile Lesica
CCO at Fellow
Fellow's products alongside third party coffee.

How selling with Canal works

Find on-brand products

Explore Canal’s vetted network of top brands. Easily select products to sell and effortlessly negotiate commissions in-app.

Sell anywhere seamlessly

Use Canal to sell third party products at any customer touchpoint — with a single-cart check out for your customer.

New orders will flow directly to your partners to fulfill. Dig into insights to see how to sell more.

Trusted by DTC leaders

Canal is a game changer. It took minutes to set up and now we can easily sell products we know our customers want, from brands we respect. It's a great way to generate traffic back to our store.
Kent Yoshimura
CEO and Co-founder at Neuro
The sheer ease of use has opened our minds to a new world of potential brand collaborations. Our shoppers are all across the internet and now we can sell to them in even more places. This is the future of ecommerce.
Ajay Mehta
CEO at Birthdate
Canal is revolutionizing the ecommerce space. Co-selling is the future of retail and a way stronger approach to affiliate marketing. Highly recommend to any DTC brands looking to grow.
Nik Sharma
Founder of Sharma Brands
Thanks to Canal, our customers don't need to leave our website to buy everything they need for their coffee bars. It's a seamless way for us to offer quality products from other brands we trust.
Maile Lesica
CCO, Fellow
Running and growing a business, especially in this economy, is grueling and often isolating. Canal makes it easy and truly fun to team up with other leaders... and share in the growth together.
Sierra Tishgart
CEO and Co-Founder, Great Jones
This collaboration on Canal outdid my expectations by 10x. Working with the Canal team was instrumental… they helped me understand the power of our store’s backend in a totally new way.
Zac Albright
VP of Branded Content at Nocking Point Wines
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