We’re powering sales for products and brands of every size

Big brand, new brand, first time selling to your audience — no problem.


For INFLUENTIAL INDIVIDUALS with large and passionate audiences
Become your own boutique and start selling the products you love to the people who follow your lead. Whatever your area of influence, Canal’s network is filled with high quality products that we know you and your audience will love.
Don't leave anything on the table. Why not earn more for what you're already doing? Earn higher commissions on your sales with Canal and retain all your valuable customer data.
Product management made easy.
Recommend products that inspire your audience through a drop, marketplace, or content. Expand your opportunities for monetization with Canal's  third party selling tools.
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Growing Brands

For lean ecomm teams looking to channel their resources
Drive growth and test product expansion without the risk or operational lift. Growing brands need all of the resources they can get to simplify their distribution, execute experiments while running their business, and convert their customers’ attention into deeper engagement.
A growing business.
An all-in-one tool. With Canal, you need one app to do the work of seven. Discover new products, place products everywhere from check out to SMS, and see actionable insights that tell you what's working.
A team and tools you can lean on. Up your team's ability to delight your customers with a dedicated curation and ecomm team and the tools to launch your next best thing.
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Established Storefronts

For dynamic brands with 3rd party merchandising goals
Navigate new revenue opportunities easily with customized solutions. Expand your category influence with products and partners that build on your brand's strength, without the distribution headaches.
Bring your partners and tools along. Onboard existing partners, or easily discover vetted brands on Canal. Our tool integrations also make set up across brands simple.
Superior service to unlock new opportunities. With dedicated implementation and API services, Canal easily integrates into how you work. Launch initiatives at scale with tools designed for companies like yours.
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Ready to start merchandising with the internet's favorite brands?
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